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Crafting brand identities that tell the right story.

A visual identity is the face of your company. It tells us what it stands for, and brings out its personality. We help you create that face and keep it consistent everywhere your brand comes alive, from digital apps to physical office branding.

How we work

Crafting a strong brand always starts with a clear idea. An idea that visualises your company’s essence and ensures a consistent look and feel across all its touchpoints. To get there, we work in four phases.


It all begins with a brand story. That’s why we start with a deep dive into detailed conversations and research, getting to the heart of what your brand is and wants to be.


We translate that story into a visual identity, boiling it down to a clear, focused and unique look and feel. We create a whole visual world that embodies your brand, from logo to colour scheme.


This is where it gets real. We craft visually striking assets that are pixel-perfectly in sync with your brand story: website, app, office branding, presentation decks, social media and beyond. We also develop brand identity guidelines for you to take forward.


Many studios stop here. But brands often need help figuring out what to do with their new identity. So we stay in touch with you, as your (temporary) brand guardian. We keep an eye on your visual identity, maintaining it with ongoing feedback, consultation and new work as needed.

How can we help you tell your story?

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