Antigone theatre poster for a classic greek tragedy.

S&S typeface design for an identity.
Poster for an exhibition about art in war time.
Identity for a cardboard manufacturer.
Silkscreen print featured in the book 'A thousand ideas by a hundered graphic designers'.
Book cover for a novel
Packaging concept for a very special chocolate milk
Visual identity for a new sustainable hostel concept
LWRS featured in the Design And Design Book of the Year with three projects.
Packaging concept for a perfume which smells good and helps improving our environment
More photography coming soon. Please return for updates
Packaging concept. For a new sustainable coffee brand
Book spread. For the upcoming book 'A 1000 tips by a 100 designers' by Mao Mao, Barcelona
Photography & typography for a promotional poster for a theatre play.
Magazine layouts. For a magazine about art and communication.
Identity & typeface for a 'new school' Italian restaurant.
Concept & design. These posters are being made to promote a theatre play.
Concept & visualisation for Swedish wine brand Blidfrukt Vit. Download infosheet PDF
Design for a poster to promote a theatre play.
Proposal for a book cover design contest. Honorary mention
Digital illustration. Featured at and the Volkskrant.
Promotional booklet for a restaurant. Done at IFB
Packaging restyle concept. For one of Holland's finest cheeses. Done at IFB
Identity & packaging design for Tremolo Recordings. published in the new Web Design Index book. Check
Illustration for a moving card. Done at OER
Minisite for the introduction of the Nissan 350Z.
Promo-pack for recording artist Chew-Fu Phat.
Portrait of Jody Koenders. For DEEP snowboard magazine
Identity & packaging design for Carnal. Hardhouse record label
Various commercial photography. Done at IFB

Identity & packaging design for Polar State Records.
Various identities.
Commercial for Heinz Sandwichspread. Done at IFB
Identity & packaging design for Phenom Records.
Various portraits. Own projects
Identity for Jiba. Online travel agency
Identity & store concept for Dutch Prairie. Dutch fashion brand
Mobile interface design for Supperclub. Done at IFB
TV commercial for Brinta. Typical Dutch cereal product

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